Monday, February 02, 2004

I'm back from paradise - Bali, that is.

I had a wonderful time with four of my colleagues and a colleague's friend, staying at the Hard Rock Hotel located near Kuta Beach. And yes, I managed to acquire a slight tan in spite of the incessant rain. Hah! Take that, rain deity!

Some of the highlights of my four-day break included:
- getting my hands on "O" lipstick by MAC.
- a spending spree at Uluwatu where I purchased some absolutely gorgeous pieces of clothing decorated with handmade Balinese lace.
- wearing not one, but two bikinis while lounging in the sun.
- Getting two (temporary) tattoos: one of a dragon with a tiger's head on my right shoulderblade, and another of a hisbicus chain around my left shoulder.
- wearing my beautifully deceptive and absolutely sexy Topshop dress acquired two years ago but not worn since and hearing my (male) colleague going, "Wow!" when he first saw me.
- eating at some incredibly cool restaurants with great ambiance such as Hu'u (though the food was not that great), The Living Room and Bebek Begil (Dirty Duck in Bahasa).
- Tearing up the dance floor at Santa Fe (hip hop) and Hard Rock Cafe (house, techno, rock and rap) and getting told by a friend that I outshone everyone else on the dance floor.
- meeting up with some friends who we hadn't seen since October.

And the best part? The whole trip cost about S$775, inclusive of airfare and hotel accommodation. Not bad for a non-budget holiday!

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