Sunday, February 02, 2003

It's been raining for the whole of today again. And I'm actually cold, ironically enough, given that I spent three years in London.

The CD player in my hi-fi has been out of commission for the past four years. Today, bombarded by the sounds of little kids running around downstairs, I dragged out my Discman, with the batteries running on its last legs, and threw in Basement Jaxx's Rooty. Man, that felt good. The Jaxx's music is filled with so much irreverence and playfulness, it simply cannot fail to cheer anyone up. Coupled with cheeky sexual undertones (or maybe undertones is too subtle a word for a tune titled Get Me Off), their music is just simply amazing. I don't care that some danceheads don't regard them as proper dance music. Their songs never fail to get me onto the floor, and that's more than enough in my book.

Even better than Rooty was Fatboy Slim's You've Come A Long Way, Baby. Now that is a classic anthem that deserves to be high on anyone's list of defining dance albums. Not only was it the album that introduced me to the world of clubbing, it seduced me to the point that from being a technophobe, I am now a fully-fledged 'ard clubber. My favourite tune from that album (and possibly my favourite Fatboy Slim tune ever) is Gangsta' Trippin'. It's just so nonsensically happy and so darn catchy. Being the rock fan that I am, his brand of dance music really does get mah thang shakin'. My favourite remix of his is Satisfaction Skank. That is a truly amazing tune.

Moving on swiftly from dance to pop, despite the fact that I despise boybands (and other such mushy pop) on general principle, I have to say that Enrique Iglesias's Hero is a very nice song. It's sweet, gentle and melodic, filled with the appropriate level of yearning and not too bad lyrics. It's made it onto my list of great love songs (which, among other things, includes Dido's Thank You and Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me) and is currently one of my songs of the moment. It also helps that there's a sentimental memory invoked whenever I listen to the song - it's the song that I danced to with the ex at a ball last year.

I guess maybe it's the song of the moment right now because it's really been just over a year since everything started, or should I say re-started, between us two - when we went clubbing to see Fatboy Slim. That was a fun night and was sadly to be unmatched for over ten months until I went to see the great Trancemeister, Van Dyk. I always was a sucker for anniversaries, but then I do seem to live more in the past than in the present.

Hopefully, tonight's clubbing event is going to be somewhere near that standard.

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