Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Under new management

There have been a lot of departures in my company over the last few months, and the one I am most sad about is the departure of my regional manager. I said goodbye to him yesterday.

He told me that he very much enjoyed working with me (most people do, fortunately), and that "with me on a project, I have no doubt that you will find a way to make it happen."

Very nice words indeed, especially when I don't always see myself in that way.

I'd worked with him since I joined the team. In fact, when he interviewed me for the role, I found him so engaging and supportive, to the point that I could tell he was the kind of person I'd like to work for. It's not often that you walk away from an interview feeling like that. I don't know his replacement, but I sure hope he's as supportive and kind.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beau Lotto's Vision - Neuroscience and Creativity

My company has done a lot in the past year or so to foster people whom they perceive to have leadership potential. It really helps to have someone who doesn’t come from a pure HR background administering this as well, as the energy and ideas they bring to such a programme have been truly refreshing. One of the benefits of this programme that I have been able to enjoy is my company’s membership of the London Business Forum which allows us to attend talks by renowned speakers, and not just in the traditional business sense.

One such talk was the talk by Beau Lotto, perhaps best known from his appearances as a TED speaker, on Vision held at the beautiful BAFTA space in Piccadilly. Beau is a neuroscientist whose work focuses on human perception, and the purpose of the talk was meant to show us how and what to change in order to be more creative.

Monday, March 06, 2017

How to make infographics – a workshop by Delayed Gratification

“What’s an infographic?” my colleagues asked me last Thursday as I was packing up to leave. At the time, it wasn’t a question I knew how to answer without resorting to a Google image search, but, now, having attended a workshop on how to make them taught by none other than the masters of infographics themselves, Delayed Gratification.

First off, I should stress that the workshop ticket was a gift from my husband, and wasn’t something I would normally have gone to.

I’d initially thought this wouldn’t have any relevance for me in terms of what I do at work or even on a personal level. I’m not a designer by any stretch of the imagination, and I can’t draw for nuts. But that, intriguingly enough, wasn’t what this workshop was about.

Sunday, February 05, 2017


It’s that time of the year again. The time when you take stock of the previous year, and figure out your goals for the upcoming 11 or so months. At least that’s how January always makes me feel. And the fact that I’m writing this in February should be a good indicator of how January 2017 has gone for me. 

In many ways, it feels as though I’ve been in a state of flux since I got married, probably so much happened that year. I changed my role within my company, my company restructured (and is still restructuring, I should say), people started asking me about our plans to have a family, and I suddenly felt as if there was a ticking clock in front of all these lofty goals I’d set for myself when I was in my early 20s. 

Adding to that is of course the turbulence of all the macro events which took place last year, the repercussions and consequences of which are only just beginning to be felt.

Monday, September 26, 2016


It's been over a year since I took a leap of faith and changed roles within my company. After such a long time of working in the same function, it has been strange, terrifying and exciting to now be in a position where I am no longer the expert. Particularly in a time in which my industry is undergoing a significant amount of change and we are all expecting a restructuring to take place in my office.

From working on my first project - a small project that has been mentioned in my company's newsletters more than once - to working on some of the largest projects in not just my region, but the entire company, it's been such an amazing opportunity, albeit immensely stressful and scary too.

I had my performance review recently and was glad to hear that I'm a valued member of my small team and doing well. Just today, my regional manager checked with my line manager to see if I was in the high potential programme (a programme aimed at developing senior-level executives). I am - I'd been nominated for it on the basis of my performance in my old role - but just the fact that he'd asked made me glad that he was considering putting me up for it despite my relative newness.

I still get really stressed out by committees, and I still berate myself for not saying enough during meetings and I still have to force myself to network, knowing how important each of these activities is to my progression.

Still, I'm really happy about this move. For the longest time, I thought this was my dream job, and, now, I know it is. The nature of the job may change all too soon, but, for now, I can say I took that chance and made a difference.