Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My plea for 2012

Happy new year, everyone! I sincerely hope 2012 is everything that you need it to be. I know I really need it to be that for me. I'd been using the festive season as an excuse to escape from the reality that is life; after all, no HR person was going to be reviewing job applications prior to January, right?

But, now, the new year has come, although it has not quite gone just yet, and I have no real excuse other than bonus season to explain my procrastination in applying for jobs. It's not because I'm lazy. Far from it. All this doing nothing is driving me crazy.

I am shit scared though.

I took the huge risk that was my last job as I was desperate for a career change. Now, I have to figure out whether to go back to what I was good at and accept I may not be able to change from that ever. The alternative is to figure out what it is I can do and how to go about getting there. The latter is far more appealing but infinitely more difficult than the former. And, as with all things, especially as a person faced with a number of big bills coming up (£2k for my visa extension application, twice that for partial renovations of my flat, and another grand for other stuff), I need money. I'm not hard-up, but the reality of it only hit me an hour ago and I am now terrified.

So, 2012, it's not that 2011 was a horrible year for me. It really wasn't. But I do need you to be spectacular in the one way that 2011 wasn't. And I need it to happen soon. So here's the deal: I will do whatever it takes. I will leap on any opportunity that comes my way. I will do my best, as I have done throughout my life.

Just come through for me, okay?

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