Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Note to self: Getting sloshed on home-made Sangria is not the best possible idea on the night just before going back to work.

Still, it felt good before having to wake up.

I invited a couple of friends over last night just to catch up on things and ended up having a truckload of fun. Snacking on tortilla chips, salsa, cheese and chorizo - a decidedly unfestive feast, I must add - it was just a lot of fun. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, nor have I been that happy in a while. It was the perfect remedy for my mild bout of depression over the last few days, as well as the bad cold I was nursing for the whole day.

I wasn't the only one getting plastered, possibly just the most obvious. Take this as a case in point: when a friend suggested that it was the perfect time to ask me compromising questions (owing to my inability to concentrate for longer than 30 seconds), another inebriated friend said, "Yeah! That game - Truth or Death!"

Heh. (And for those of you who aren't clear why that was so funny, it's because he really meant Truth or Dare.)

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