Saturday, March 29, 2003

Right, my first time doing the Friday Five so here goes... even though it's Sunday...

1. What was your most memorable moment from the last week?
Meeting up with an old friend on Monday. I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was nice to catch up with her. It was especially nice talking to someone outside from work!

2. What one person touched your life this week?
No one in particular.

3. How have you helped someone this week?
My colleague(s), I guess. We helped each other out this week.

4. What one thing do you need to get done by this time next week?
Work. And another mini work-project.

5. What one thing will you do over the next seven days to make your world a better place?
I can't think of anything in particular - sign up for dance classes? Bring my Discman to work so that I can get some music in my life most likely. Or maybe thinking before speaking.

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