Saturday, April 26, 2003

I've been so bogged down by work lately, and this week hasn't been as full of work as the previous few weeks, it has been one of the more frustrating ones since I've come back. I've reached the stage of general apathy, and yet, still trying to work. It's like swimming against the tide. I just feel too young to have started work, too immature to have to deal with all this stress and politicking.

"Don't worry," my friend said, "You just have to sit down there and look pretty." Hah! I may have been pretty and exotic (and also pretty exotic) in London, but here... no way. I look tired all the time and I have way too sharp a tongue to be the docile, feminine, demure girl of their dreams. But then, if I were that kind of girl, I wouldn't be working in the company I'm working in. On the other hand, if I were smarter, I'd be able to pull the 'innocent and gentle kitten' image off, and show, when really needed, that this kitty has claws.

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