Sunday, April 13, 2003

On a couch potato note, one of my favourite teen shows is coming back this week - Buffy!

I was a little sad after watching the last episode ever of Felicity last week. I guess I really like all these shows because I wish my life was a little more like theirs - love interests, passion, romance, adventure and some sort of direction (as in they sort of know what they want to do with their lives).

Funny, isn't it? We're all taught to be practical - to choose education and a career over love, since the first two will always serve you well, but there's no guarantee that the latter will be there for you all the time. At the same time, the implicit message from every show, every book is that the one great thing that will give you happiness is love. All I know is, when push comes to shove, the one thing that I keep saying I'll choose will always be work. Work is my number one priority now, the same way studies were my number one priority when I was schooling. Has that paid off? Not really but then I don't really have any basis for comparison. My life, despite the numerous opportunities that I've had that others haven't, just seems very boring and empty.

A friend said, when you have a boyfriend, there's someone who's always there for you, for you to share your stress and worries with. But when you're single, even though you have more freedom, the stress you feel is practically double that than when you're part of a couple. Man, do I know what she means.

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