Friday, May 30, 2003

Most of my friends are graduate students overseas. Reading their blogs about how much they're going to miss student life and the cities which they're currently in (London, Cambridge, New York...) strikes a chord with me. I still miss London life, and mourn the things I never got to do - like watching a show at the Globe, or not visiting any of London's famous gardens. Going to watch the Phantom of the Opera or go roller-blading in Hyde Park once more. Going to one of the famous summer festivals - like Glastonbury or Creamfields.

But then again, I guess I really should count my blessings that I managed to spend three years there in the first place. But that's the thing with me - I'm rarely content. I believe being content is a sign of mediocrity. I tend to always hunger for better things. I've certainly never accepted my limitations or flaws - or even my strengths. But I digress. I did get the opportunity to do a lot of things - like travel around Europe, or see shows such as The Lion King, Humble Boy and Rent. Or wander around South Kensington, visiting the numerous museums along the way and discovering for myself, unexpectedly, the magificent walls that make up the Royal Albert Hall. Getting to spend nine months living beside one of the most gorgeous sights in London - Tower Bridge.

I do miss it all though. Very much so. I miss the blessed uncomplicated nature of life then as compared to the ugly political corporate world I inhabit now.

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