Thursday, May 15, 2003

Woke up at 12.20 pm today. A friend asked me how we could manage staying out and clubbing till 3 am. I told her it was easy but I'd forgotten the other side of it - it's the waking up and surviving the next day that's difficult. Slightly regretting my decision to go out yesterday night now, as I've got an invitation to a night of trance this Saturday. Mostly local DJs, but with a special guest - Miika Kuisma (Fluid In Motion/AR52) from Finland. I'm kind of excited - I do like Scandinavia and all things Scandic. ;)

With regards to last night... it was retro dress up club night. I had originally wanted to dress up but ended up going in my pink spaghetti strap top and favourite pair of jeans. It was my first time wearing a strappy top without anything over it in a while, as I'm embarrassed about my acne-scarred back, which I've spent close to two months' salary on trying to clear up. Anyway, for the outfit I was planning on wearing, I was thinking about going as '60s hippie - or close to it. I had on a translucent blue lace top and a knee-length hippie/gypsy skirt, and was wearing an antique metal necklace. I had a blue metal flower pin in my hair and was going to attach a rose onto my skirt as well. It probably was more flamenco than hippie, but hey, it's a change from what I usually wear, being among the minority of females who doesn't usually wear anything sleeveless to go partying in (due to aforementioned back problem).

But then... I got online and was speaking to a friend who told me under no circumstances should I wear anything that glows under UV light - which the top, unfortunately, does do, so I changed. I was wondering if I could dance in a skirt anyway, as I really wanted to strut my stuff because there was a Best Dancer competition going on and, assuming I had the courage (alcohol-induced or no), I would have gone for it.

However, seeing as today is a public holiday, a lot of people went down to that same party - there were 5000 people in the club at its peak, and the dance floor was so crowded that you couldn't really move. We had to wait 45 minutes for our drinks at the bar - there were that many people. So we retired to another room in the club which was playing decent hip hop, but unfortunately played all my favourite songs while we were waiting for our drinks so I couldn't dance to them. I've been wanting to hear Try Again by Aaliyah and Let Me Blow Your Mind by Eve in a club for a while but I didn't get a chance to dance to them!

20 minutes after we got our drinks, the DJ somehow went back to choosing weird music and we went outside to get some fresh air... and more drinks! A G&T, B-52 and a Long Island Iced Tea later, we headed back to the main room to see what music they were playing. Wednesday's retro night is renowned as the best retro night in the country, and I was disgusted to hear them playing techno of all kinds of music!! I mean, come on, I really wanted to go cheese clubbing. I have clubbing moods, and I've been wanting cheese for a very long time.

Fellow trancers, I apologise for that admission, but hey, trance dancing and cheese dancing are very different... and I just happen to love them both. So sue me.

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