Saturday, July 12, 2003

Bad e-mail ettiquette.

That's something I despise. I wasn't sure exactly what it was before, but after discussions with a friend who had encountered the same sort of thing from our mutual friends, I finally have a term to put to it.

It's just plain rude to not reply to a personal e-mail, especially a heartfelt one written to you by a friend. And yes, I've had that happen to me - with good friends and with acquaintances who used to be good friends. I've written e-mails fraught with emotion, stuff which I wouldn't usually say, things which I've kept inside and have been quietly percolating away. And I do get angry and peeved when it becomes a habit with people to simply not reply. I'm busy too, but whenever I get an e-mail - especially an e-mail from a friend requesting for help, advice or a just a plain ol' listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, I do reply!

So what is it with you folks that we're still good friends? Are we? We're still friends, no doubt, but I'm f***ing p***ed off with you guys. Even a three word reply would be enough, you know? Just a little something that says "I'm here for you" or even "I hear ya, buddy."

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