Sunday, July 20, 2003

Went to the other local superclub yesterday night to see local DJ Yukun's set. I've only seen him once before but I was blown away by his set during that occasion - much better than Sasha's set on Christmas Eve over here! Anyway, it was also a fellow clubber's farewell so I had gone down to see him get drunk :) Another clubber was handing out lightsticks just to set the atmosphere, and while I accepted one (a red one to go with my hair), I was really embarrassed to be dancing with them because there were so few people dancing with lightsticks in the first place! Also because I kept dropping them whenever my hand bumped into anything...

I had also dragged a friend along, a friend who I hadn't seen in a year or so, and spent much of the night and morning catching up with him. He's a really nice guy, not bad looking, but has these fairly large intense eyes, which kind of make me uncomfortable if I look into them for too long. Anyway, he's a great dancer - nice when we had dancing 'competitions' (in which both parties kind of try to outdance each other, but really, there are no losers) - and I'm fairly certain we caused some scandals. It's been a long time since I'd danced closely with anyone (of which, there are only three - an ex and two good friends, including the one being mentioned in this entry). Also, I'd forgotten how good it felt just to have strong, comforting, masculine arms around me, you know? It was nice just to close my eyes, lean into his arms and dance, just feeling safe and cared for.

Back to the music. Yukun played a fantastic set, which included among other great tunes, Paul van Dyk's Nothing But You and Lustral's Everytime. And for the encore, he pulled out Andain's Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Remix). Now that was a fun song to go crazy too. There were alternating sessions of me dancing wildly, jumping up and down madly, and just grooving it on with my friend.

All in all, a great night - music-wise and happiness-wise.

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