Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The Global Terrorism Index 2003-2004 has been compiled. The GTI is a listing of 186 countries, ranking them from most vulnerable as a terrorist target to least vulnerable, by judging them on the following criteria: Cmotivation, capabilities and presence of terrorist groups, potential scale of the damage and effectiveness of counter-terrorism forces.

The top ten are as follows:
1. Colombia
2. Israel
3. Pakistan
4. United States
5. Philippines
6. Afghanistan
7. Indonesia
8. Iraq
9. India
10. UK
10. Sri Lanka

Now, no. 5, the Philippines, is the most dangerous country to be in the Asia Pacific region, if I were to take this ranking at face value. Guess whose company doesn't give a s***? Guess whose company will be sending her to which country for three weeks for RISK MANAGEMENT TRAINING come September? B****y ironic, if you ask me.

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