Sunday, October 26, 2003

I woke up today to an SMS informing me that a friend of mine had "developed feelings" for my ex. I didn't quite know what to think. I went through the usual gauntlet of emotions that every female feels when anyone is attracted to her ex - the primitive urge to assert (ex) property rights. Basically, just wanting to fly up there and kick a**, saying, "Get your hands off him, he's mine!"

The other emotion that struck me was... a mixture of paranoia and hurt. The need to call him and find out what his response was. And the need to tell him - please, not her. Or anyone else that I know for that matter.

It's said that ex-es can remain friends up till a certain point. When one of them moves on, and gets together with someone else, that's when everything falls apart. I would have liked to say that I didn't believe in that, that my ex and I could have remained friends till the end of time as that's how strong our friendship is.

But I don't think that's true. A large part of our friendship is predicated on flirting, and sexual attraction. In other words, the relationship that exists between us can never be platonic. That'll always be attraction involved. And when such a mixture exists, the moment one of us moves on to someone else (or maybe in this case, if he moves on...) then... I guess our friendship, as we know it, will disappear.

I really hope that doesn't happen though. I cherish the joy and the happiness that you've given me. You've made me happier than anyone and anything else has on this earth. And for you to vanish from my life... I wouldn't know what to do.

But going by how I feel now... especially having spent such an enjoyable time with you recently... if you get together with another girl... worse, if it's someone I know... I'd much rather never talk to you again, than to have to see you with her.

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