Saturday, December 27, 2003

I was at a friend's wedding dinner last night. She's the first one of my secondary school batch to get married, and it felt so strange, and so distant, to recall that we first met ten years ago, and now, I was there watching her get married.

During that dinner, I met up with former classmates who I hadn't seen in either five or seven years. While we all must have changed, it felt as if none of us had. We still all spoke in the same way, made the same sort of comments, and were - thankfully - as cheerfully cynical as we were all those years ago back in school. In particular, the Catholic contingent was really cynical, not quite able to keep incredulous expressions off their faces (myself included) whenever our friend's mother spoke about how God must have brought the couple together, and that they're thankful God answered all their prayers for our friend's (future) husband.

God, I'm Catholic, and I believe in you, but at the same time, you do know how much I believe in free will, in myself and my own actions, and not necessarily destiny and fate. My friends and I weren't scoffing at you, but rather, we're not comfortable with the concept that there's Someone out there who already has plans for us.

I need to rush off now, so I'll end this later.

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