Monday, December 22, 2003

I'm so bloody tired today. Guess all the dancing must have caught up with me. I decided to skip the two free dance classes I had today, and just get some much-needed rest... I also consumed one third of a large bag of corn chips, so I'll probably pay for that pretty soon.

I watched The Return of the King yesterday for the second time. I'm kind of in a strange stage right now, a little sick of all the hype, but unable to get enough of it. I'm feeling the same way towards trance music right now too, tired of having listened to it for the past year or so, but yet, it's the only music that's really able to have any effect on me.

On the topic of The Return of the King, I hadn't realised how much of the movie I had missed the first time I watched it (as I had arrived late). I missed at least twenty minutes of the show, including the flashback which shows how Smeagol eventually became Gollum. Some critics have said that the flashback was all-important in establishing pity for the character of Gollum (who always claims that "The Precious made [him] do it!" - seriously annoying after hearing "precious" being mentioned so many freakin' times!), but I'm afraid all I saw was a weak human being who at first sight, gave in to the evil influence of the band of gold. Yes, he once was a halfling like the hobbits, but he was weak and flawed to begin with, and his corruption was hastened, not initiated, by his acquisition of the Ring.

The other part I missed was the celebrations after the victory over the Orcs at Helm's Deep. Here, Eowyn tends to Aragorn, bringing him drink, and it's just so obvious that she likes him (heck, even Theoden sees it!). And whenever Aragorn looks at her, it's like he's... almost encouraging her, neither confirming whether he returns her feelings, nor denying her. Or perhaps, that's just the effect his eyes have on women. Heck, it's the effect he has on me whenever I see him on-screen. However, I maintain that he is, in a sense, leading her on. A simple word from him earlier on would have stopped her from getting hurt, but then again, having been guilty of the same mistake myself, I do know how difficult it is to reject someone when you like and respect the person, just not in the way he or she wants you to.

How much of an Aragorn groupie am I? 110%, dude. Not only did I purchase a popcorn, nacho and drink combo set just for the pack of RotK playing cards (with Aragorn as king!), I've even bought a postcard of him at Yahoo! Auctions. Sigh. He is one of the most intensely attractive onscreen characters I have come across, and I have sort of 'fallen' for quite a few - Michael Vartan's sensitive teacher in Never Been Kissed, Christian Slater as Will Scarlett in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites, Kiefer Sutherland's voice as the soldier in the animated version of The Nutcracker Prince... and embarrassingly enough, Cloud in Final Fantasy VII and Squall Lockhart in Final Fantasy VIII. Yes, they are virtual characters, but trust me, if you've played the games, and you have set your eyes upon these two striking anime computer game characters, you would have fallen too.

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