Saturday, January 10, 2004

Originally written on Jan 9

I've been getting compliments about what I decided to wear today - a slightly short black skirt from Mango and a Guess? black knit ribbed sweater with a lace-up V-neck collar and glitter on the edges of the sleeves and on the collar itself. I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to wear this combination to the office. It's not that it's too casual, just that it's not exceedingly office-like. I feel elegant, sophisticated and slightly sexy, which is really good because I don't usually feel like this, not even when I'm deliberately trying to get that effect. Oh yes, I was lightly made-up today - light beige and brown eye shadow, bronzer, concealer and powder. All in all, I know I didn't look bad. I just didn't know how good I looked. And judging from the comments, I look pretty darn good. Makes up for the four blisters I've acquired from wearing my new sandals to work today!

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