Thursday, January 22, 2004

Update on the Year of the Monkey so far:

Red packets: Net gain (although really, it's the gesture and the token that counts.)

Paul van Dyk at the Powerhouse: Great set, though could have been better (especially if the police hadn't stopped his encore, assuming the rumours are true. I mean, c'mon? Right in the middle of For An Angel?? I had more fun at his set at Zouk in 2002.)

The flyer was great with the graphic taken right off PvD's Reflections album. The acoustics needed some work. The light show was freakin' fantastic. The atmosphere not too bad overall. The workout: intensive. My feet are sore.

I got his autograph on my CD inlay of The Politics of Dancing though. My friend got lucky - with another friend of mine. Not sure who was happier - her or I regarding our respective highlights of the set. Heh.

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