Thursday, February 12, 2004


A month on, and I'm still not over my crush.

And I'm 75% certain that he likes me back.

And that brings me to a very daunting question: Even if he likes me, what the F*** can I do? I can't say that I'll wait for him to return. That's just plain stupid. And I certainly don't want to hook up online and have a long-distance relationship. I mean, even though I've been flirting with him ever since he left, and he probably does have an inkling that I like him, so BL***Y what?

And YES, maybe it's just stupid flirting and it's just something he does, in which case he may not actually like me, so what in HELL do I do?

Valentine's Day is coming up. Do I act... or should I not?

This is just plain driving me MAD! MAD, I tell you!

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