Tuesday, February 10, 2004

While at the Santa Fe club in Bali whereby I had the distinct pleasure of mesmerising onlookers by dancing like hell in a short sexy Topshop slip dress while wearing a pair of trusty Teva sandals, the DJ played OutKast's Hey Ya from their latest album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, an album I will undoubtedly buy once I find the time and the liquidity.

Check out its review over at PopMatters.

Diversion: You have to check out Charlie Brown & the gang dancing to Hey Ya! over at this site. United Media has been getting sites to take this down so by the time you get to this site, it may have vanished.

Another hip hop album I've fallen in love with is Sean Paul's Dutty Rock with my favourite songs being Get Busy, Like Glue and of course, his duet with Beyonce, Baby Boy. I picked it up while I was in Jakarta, and it's just so infectiously catchy that you've got to get up and shake your booty whenever one of his songs is played in a club.

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