Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I know this is going to lower your opinion of me immensely but The O.C. is a really gripping show with incredibly gorgeous people. Benjamin McKenzie's puppy dog look gets to me every time and Mischa Barton is astoundingly pretty. She kind of reminds me of Calista Flockhart (in her not-so-thin days). Adam Brody ain't too bad either... Be still, my hormones!

And the script... cliched but nevertheless, still nice. It's the kind of thing that you're longing to hear in your own angsty tortured existence.

Marissa: I was. I don't know why I'm here. I just wanted to see you. I're leaving tomorrow and...what if I never...we never...Maybe I could spend the night. Just to hang out.
Ryan: You can't stay. If you stay, if you spend the night, I...I don't know that I could leave.
Marissa: Well, then don't.
- The Model Home, Episode 1.02, The O.C.

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