Sunday, April 11, 2004

I went to see Saturday Night Fever yesterday night. Luck continued to smile on me as I managed to make it through the theatre doors a second just before they closed it to all latecomers.

Did I enjoy the show? Of course I did! The dancing was very entertaining although there was parts at which I was just laughing my head off for no apparent reason other than the fact that I was quite tickled by the idea of people doing such moves (including the one I always parody at discos in which I stretch out one arm, point it in front of me and sweep it from the left to the right). The singing wasn't that great though. Only one member of the cast had a voice that was noteworthy and that was the actress who played Stephanie, Tony's dance competition partner.

Please do not ask me about the plot. Anyone who has watched the movie (like I) will know that the plot is paper-thin at best. What else can I say? The story's about a 19-year-old who's throwing his life away partying and participating in potential gang activities. He doesn't get along well with his family, he treats friends and women like crap and the only thing in his life he really truly cares about is dancing. So what if in the end, after his friend's apparent accident/suicide, he comes round and decides to better himself by going to Manhattan and getting a job? He doesn't have any college education and he can't type. We all know that this Brooklynite is not going to get anywhere.

But like I said, this is a show in which you cannot think about the plot for even a second because then you'd get distracted by the sheer awfulness of the plot and not concentrate on what makes the musical such a spectacle.

In spite of the fact that I don't generally enjoy the Bee Gees' music, I'll admit that last night was an exception to the rule. I was happily mouthing the words to Words, bobbing my head to Tragedy and singing along to Immortality and How Deep Is Your Love. In between, I was trying to learn the dance steps to Stayin' Alive, Disco Inferno and Saturday Night Fever. Yes, for one night, I was a Bee Gees groupie.

The one surprising thing about this musical is that a member of the cast, Monty, exhorted the audience to get up off their seats at the end of the show and dance... and there were actually people who did! Not I though. I was way too embarrassed to do so, sitting in the front row of Circle 1 (which incidentally, was a fantastic seat, so thank you, Yahoo! Auctions!)

After the show ended, my friend and I adjourned to the Outdoor at the Esplanade feature, which turned out to be a band called The Example, who was playing songs from The Eagles and Air Supply. I must have been in a really soppy mood last night because instead of dismissing Air Supply as the spineless singers they are (just listen to the content of their songs!), I was laying my head on my friend's shoulder, saying, "Awww... it's so romantic!" after which I told her I felt like going to all of my guy friends and slapping them for being the thoroughly unromantic bastards that they are. Heh.

Did my night end there? Nope. We then went to join another friend of mine (who must be thoroughly sick of my constant presence by now, for which I apologise) at the Lobby Lounge at the Ritz and listened to the soft jazz trio. Among the songs they played were Dream A Little Dream Of Me and L-O-V-E.

Now yesterday night was a very satisfactory night - both musically and dance-wise - and it rounded off one of the best weeks of 2004 so far.

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