Friday, April 09, 2004

My horoscope for the week said that this whole week would be full of pleasant surprises. And what do you know? Maybe it's true, maybe it's just me or maybe Someone Up There is looking after me this week, but so far, everything's been great.

Monday - I found out that I won a copy of the OCR for Saturday Night Fever.

Tuesday - I met my friend who set up a matchmaking agency for busy professionals and decided, what the hey, she's offering a free three-month trial so let's give it a shot. We ended up talking for 2.5 hours just catching up and going through my various criteria.
Hair - "That he has it."
Teeth - "All present, all real."
Any previous marriages - "Up to four times is okay... Of course not! No previous marriages!"
Football - "I get along great with Liverpool and Arsenal fans. It's only during the games that we hate each other."

Wednesday - I managed to get a pair of $130 tickets for Saturday Night Fever at a $30 discount per ticket off Yahoo! Auctions. Furthermore, the really nice seller gave me a ride to town and then back home. And despite the fact that I was quite worried about getting into a car of someone who I've never met, it turned out that that was safer than my walking home alone. God really does work in mysterious ways.

Thursday - Got called "honee bunee" by the guy I'm still crushing on... I have no clue as to how he feels, but it's still a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

Friday - Met up with one of my favourite guy friends who when quizzed as to my eligibility said that I was eligible. Heh. As I told him, I'm going to blame all the funny things I said entirely on the alcohol.

Still two more days in the week to go and The Passion of the Christ tonight and Saturday Night Fever tomorrow night!

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