Monday, May 10, 2004

Another reason why I liked Van Helsing despite its obvious flaws - the two NS boys sitting behind me were giving a running commentary on the show.

At the moment when one of the brides of Dracula turns up and kidnaps Anna (Kate Beckinsale) right after the gang had spent many days trying to get Frankenstein's Monster out of Transylvania and now, in order to rescue Anna, would have to trudge all the way back...
NS Man #1: Wah. Travel so far, now have to go all the way back. Wah, chee bai.

I'm sorry. I'm a gentle girl at heart but Hokkien - no matter how vulgar - always makes me laugh.

NS Man #2: I tell you ah. Frankenstein's Monster really looks like my PC (short for Platoon Commander).

Ah. NS boys. So amusing.

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