Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Caught the launch of Mamma Mia today. As it was essentially an event to try and convince corporates to sponsor little gatherings for their staff and/or customers, the event was appropriately glitzy. There were performances by the cast, food provided by Swissotel, wines provided by Wine Bos and little gift bags that came with T-shirts and CDs.

Seeing as I'm in no position to organise a customer or staff event at $265 per person (inclusive of wine, dinner, ticket and special gifts), I truly didn't deserve to be there. All the same, I had a great time. The female lead, played by Silvie Paladino, has a truly awesome singing voice and expressive eyes. I was convinced she was going to cry in her rendition of The Winner Takes It All. I really wanted to see this show when I was in London but couldn't afford the tickets, so I'm really looking forward to being able to catch it at the Esplanade, with its wonderful acoustics. And who knows? I might just see it more than once! This year might just be the year of the '70s for me - Bee Gees in the first half of the year and Abba in the second!

With all that good luck, it would figure that something bad had to happen. First, my laptop appeared to have been attacked by the Sasser worm, but I couldn't find any trace of it after my laptop's unexpected shutting down by itself. Then, after downloading the Microsoft security patch, my laptop hung after the necessary reboot. Yes, that's right. The patch crashed my Windows OS.

I think I could have lived with the worm. At least that way, I would still have access to my files.

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