Sunday, June 06, 2004

For the record, he did call - on Friday at lunch time, and we spoke for like ten minutes before some work-related task called for his attention. After spilling my guts out to my friends yesterday (who initially advised me not to call him or SMS him or make the first move in any way but changed their views once I described him in more detail and were telling me to CALL the bloody b****r because he sounds perfect for me) and discovering that in the midst of the gut-spilling, that he had SMS'd to find out what I was doing that night, I called him and ended up speaking on my mobile while at home for 45 minutes. My wallet is wincing even now.

So, I didn't scare him off. Phew. Although that just means I'll have to work harder. Heh. Apparently, he was busy with work. That, and his ex-girlfriend had popped back to Singapore for a short visit and he was spending some time with her. ("Aww. That means he's sentimental!" gushed my friend. "So?" I snorted. Clearly, we're not seeing eye to eye on certain of his qualities. That, and whenever people mention meeting up with their ex-es, I always feel a little wary.)

Now, there's a new problem. I'm mega-busy with work. He's busy with work too, with the compounding problem of being in a job which requires his presence at the work place for more than 24 hours at one time almost every week, which naturally renders the poor boy rather tired for the rest of the work while he catches up on paperwork.

It seems as if I've got two prospects now. Mr. Overseas and Not Sure If He's Going To Stay In Singapore (with whom I purportedly have 59% compatibility) or Mr. Exceedingly Busy and Not Always Available (compatibility: 94%). The way I look at it, I should just give up on the idea of steady relationships altogether and indulge in flings and short-term relationships so that my commitment-phobia won't come into play, and secondly, I don't have to bother so much about the fact that these guys may not be around for me whenever I really need someone.


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