Tuesday, July 06, 2004

How did my life turn out the way it has? I've got a really challenging job (with people telling me that I'll have a bright, long, successful future in the company I'm working in), live in one of the best cities in the world (according to the quality of life survey conducted by Mercer Consulting, but also one of the most expensive), have a fantastic, supportive family and a wonderful circle of friends... and still, I find myself discontented with life.

So... given all the great things I've got going on for me, what is it exactly that I want?

The first answer that springs to mind: a good job overseas, preferably in London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, New York, Chicago, Seattle or San Francisco.

True, life need not necessarily revolve around a career but still, seeing as I'm Singaporean, that is the one overriding thing that dominates my life.

Of course, working overseas would mean leaving a lot of people behind... but I've always been good at adapting and making friends, and I would dearly love the experience and the opportunities.

So, if there's someone out there with a vacancy in a city mentioned above, please do let me know!

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