Saturday, July 03, 2004

My best friend in London called me unexpectedly. She's a high-flying investment banker and as such, is even busier than I am, though startlingly enough, half-way across the world, and we're both still facing the same problems: long working hours, falling ill and not being able to recover due to the amount of work we have, and the same guy problems.

It was really good to hear from you, M. I know to you it seems as though we saw each other three months ago, but in reality, it's been thrice that long. I hope to goodness that I'll be able to get to go on my two weeks vacation in August because I'm really looking forward to seeing you and catching up! I cannot believe you remembered my Econ B tutor in our first year... you're right! He is the handsomest guy ever. How did I forget?

Take care, sweetie and a bientot! I hope everything works out for you, your guys and work. I can cope. :)

On another note - isn't this the cutest little guy ever?

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