Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I’ve taken to listening to London radio stations. Compared to the staid, formulaic radio programmes on local radio stations, London radio is a much-needed breath of fresh air, although some of them do have the same problems that every other radio station has (i.e. playing the same songs over and over). My radio station of choice would be BBC Radio 1 but for some strange reason, I’m not able to listen to it at work, so I’ve had to settle for Capital 95.8 FM instead, which has a pretty decent morning show, with games such as “Mind the Gap”, inane (or insane) breakfast show hosts (case in point: they hosted the “Toaster Olympics” on Monday morning seeing as Great Britain are doing so poorly in the Olympics, but alas, the German-made toaster still beat out the Russell Hobbs) and an interesting little segment called “Flirty at 9.30” which is either a boon or a bane for those of us too shy to tell the object of our affection that we’re interested in them. I haven’t been able to decide which yet. Anyway, the host, James Cannon, will ask out your target on your behalf. Obviously, it could go either way. Regardless of the outcome, the identity of the secret admirer will be revealed. Today’s show resulted in the new girl in the office being rejected (ON LIVE RADIO!!) by her colleague (AND AN OFFICE TARGET AT THAT!!) as he had a girlfriend and she wasn’t aware of that because she didn’t want to be too obvious about the fact that she fancied him. Poor girl.

There’s also a contest called “Beat the Boss” in which easyJet, bless them, are giving away tickets to Nice (and most likely some other destinations) to people who are successful in getting through to the radio station. But that’s not all. The lucky winner is allowed to appoint four colleagues to take with him/her. The boss is then asked a series of four questions (about easyJet of course) and should he get one/two/three/four of them right, then one/two/etc. of those colleagues has to remain behind. Cute. And the boss must be extremely sporting too. I wish I had that kind of boss.

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