Thursday, September 30, 2004

Ooooog. Took half-day leave today in order to accommodate my desire to go to the Heineken Green Room Sessions presenting Thievery Corporation at Velvet Underground. Man, the place was packed. I haven't seen that many people there since UNKLE's gig in March. My friends couldn't get in and I ended up on the ultra-crowded dance floor by myself. The best part of that though is that I ended up standing next to a rather cute guy who was also by himself. I got to know him when the Heineken photographers came around taking photos and he rather cheekily just put his face next to mine. Turned out that he's a 22-year-old male model (so he claims and I'd believe it) from Montreal who'll be here for three months for work. Got his e-mail address and he asked me to contact him on Friday since he'd be free. Let me do something typically girly now. *shrieks and swoons* Ahem. Heh.

I left Velvet early - at about 12.35 am - as TC were playing acid/smooth jazz. Just not my style of music. I joined a couple of people at Mambo where the bengs were clearly out in full force. I was more than a little horrified and shocked while watching them do all the hand action of the so-called official dances to the various anthems, such as Call Me, Love (in the first degree) and Together Forever. I did get to hear Radiohead (Creep!), A Little Respect and That Thing You Do! played which revealed the rather cheesy side of me, unfortunately. But I don't care. And it helped that I had a Flaming (my second in three weeks).

And erm... drinks tally for the night excluding the Flaming: two half-shots of butterscotch, two Lemon Drops and one Lychee Martini.

Woke up with a headache. Twice in less than a week. Ugh. Now, off to take a shower and then heading to work.

P.S. Leaving for Phuket tomorrow night. Hopefully won't return with too many horror stories!

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