Sunday, October 31, 2004

I hadn't realised Halloween in Singapore could be both so boring and yet so fun. Yesterday was the first I dressed up for the event, having rented a royal blue Arabian princess costume from No. 1 Costume Costume in Aliwal St (NB: The link doesn't show you the actual costume, but shows a similar, more revealing, version). The pants were a little too baggy for me - or rather, I was a little too short for the pants - but nevertheless, I looked cute enough for my satisfaction.

I had originally gone to Zouk with an old school friend, her university friend and some other of her friends that my friend had met in recent months but was stuck in Phuture with them for way too long. Don't get me wrong. Tony Tay is a great DJ but I can't take breakbeats for more than two hours. After that, I just go stir-crazy, which was when I ended up in Zouk, alone... but not for long!

As I was walking around Zouk, some people were saying, "Arabian Niiiiiights!" or "Cool costume!" and I would turn around and smile at them, forgetting my face was covered with my veil. Heh.

My main quibble: I didn't find any man dressed as an Arabian knight/sheik. This dancer didn't get to perform for anyone! But it didn't matter. My exhibitionist desires were fulfilled when I joined my friend on the platform - for perhaps the third time in my entire Zouk clubbing history!

My friend was dressed as an incredibly awesome cyborg, and I ended up dancing alongside him, a murderous geisha (who kept trying to kill me) and a psychotic pharaoh (who stole the geisha's cleaver, jumped off theplatform and went after other people, much to the annoyance of the geishawho wanted her cleaver back). At one point, there was another Arabian princess on the other platform, who was dressed in pink translucent gauze (i.e. the pink version of my costume) and we were both dancing, so it was pretty cool.

Some of the other people at Zouk were wild; some of the outfits spotted included a lifeguard with an inflatable doll, a cyborg (my friend), Mr. T., a giant banana, Spongebob Squarepants and friend, Ghostbusters... Oh well... till next year! Dare I say I'll be doing this again?

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