Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I spent a little time chatting with the second great love of my life over ICQ earlier today. It turns out his girlfriend will be leaving England for good on Sunday. Deja vu, he said, not quite knowing how he managed to get himself into this situation a second time in his life. I, of course, consoled him. After all, I'm a strong believer in grabbing life by the throat rather than let opportunities pass you by. In spite of all the pain and heartache I knew I would go through after our relationship ended, I still decided to pursue it. And look at what's happened - we're still good friends, even two years after we broke up.

That being said, I've become even more of a commitment-phobe lately. I'm honestly quite afraid of meeting nice guys in the event that I fall. Not that I fall for every nice guy that comes along, mind you, just that it's so hard to read men and their signals, and that lately, I'm even more vulnerable than I usually am, meaning that I've got to fight that much harder to not fall for "every single [man] that pays me a single shred of attention." [Taken from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.]

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