Sunday, November 07, 2004

Danny Tenaglia is my new clubbing god.

A ten hour set from 10.15 pm to 8.30 am (including the encores).

I got there at 1 am and stayed till the very end, breaking my previous all-time dancing record of five hours.

Danny's set was brilliant. It was consistent throughout with never a dull moment. Even at 8 am, when my feet were exhausted, I was still jumping around the dance floor powered on by the greatness of the music. I was thoroughly impressed by the range of his set, from tech to tribal to dark to electro. I can't remember many of the tunes he played but among them were Rui da Silva - Touch Me, Laid Back - White Horse (Daft Punk remix), Jon Secada - Just Another Day, Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman and his famous 1994 remix of Michael Jackson - Thriller.

Danny's great with the crowd as well. He came down to dance with us at 8 am and got a photo with the survivors of his set to be put on his website. I even got a (rather blurred) photo with him and an autograph!

It was the first time in a long time that I walked out a club to find the sun shining brightly. Even the bouncers of Zouk walked out of the entrance with their hands extended in the shape of a cross in a gesture to ward off the sunlight. Ha ha!

Thank you, Zouk. You're the best club in the world.

Danny, come back soon!

P.S. After his set, I went home, showered, changed and went straight to church. I almost collapsed a couple of times, having fallen asleep while standing up. Fortunately, I was always hanging on to the pew in front of me, preventing any embarrassing incidents. Following that, I went straight home, collapsed into bed and slept for six hours straight.

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