Sunday, November 21, 2004

In spite of my body's protestations at extreme fatigue after wakeboarding yesterday, I ended up going clubbing, thanks to my friend/potential romantic interest who wanted to introduce me to his friend who's one of the distributors of alcohol to the clubs in Singapore.

So much for having a quiet weekend in.

So far, that makes four consecutive weekends of clubbing or seven times in the last 24 days. That's once every 3.43 days.

I take comfort in the fact that out of those seven times, I've only been binge drinking for three of those occasions - the Juice 6th Anniversary Party on Oct 29th, Armin van Buuren on Nov 12th and Ben Lost (Liquid Room) yesterday. If you count the Forbidden City soft launch (not a club, just an opening party), then fine, I've been rather tipsy four times in the last 24 days.

I've been looking at my clubbing and drinking behaviour ever since September and I'm starting to wonder if I'm going slightly out of control. I'm not an alcoholic, despite my having answered 'YES' to five out of 20 of the Alcoholics Anonymous questionnaire, and I do know that my so-called wild behaviour after having imbibed one too many wouldn't be considered all that wild by my friends, in that I don't go around snogging people and all that (only that one time, and I seriously regretted it the day after). Hell, I don't even kiss anyone and while I may dance with people, there hasn't been a point where I'm comfortable with their attempting to grope me, no matter how potentially far gone I am.

Yes, I am worried. Nevertheless, as a friend put it, we recognise the risks and regret that come along with what we've been doing, but as we're not doing anything bad in our own eyes (maybe in our parents'), we're not going to stop. And quite frankly, I'm worried, but yet I don't care. It's strange to put it that way, but until something seriously bad happens, I don't think I'll put change my drinking habits.

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