Sunday, December 12, 2004

DJ Pippi - Velvet Underground - December 10 2004
Fantastic. Exactly like how I imagine an Ibizan beach party would sound like. I wasn't sure what to expect though I did know I'd be hearing a good show, given that he's Lincoln Cheng's (the owner of Zouk) favourite DJ. I'd also heard from a friend (also known as the source of all musical knowledge) that Pippi tends to reserve his best sound for Velvet Underground. This was in addition to the fact that Pippi is a resident at Pacha Ibiza, one of the best clubs in the world. And for once, this was a night that wasn't just hype. Highlight of the night - hearing him play his signature tune: John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air.

Felix da Housecat - Zouk - December 11 2004
I wasn't intending to stay too long for this event as I was dead tired from staying out till 4 am for Pippi. I had so much fun, however, that I ended up leaving at 4 am. Again. I arrived at Zouk at 9.15 pm in order to get my free entry and ran into some friends, so we stayed on at Zouk in spite of the fact that I tend to get bored if I don't have anything to do (which is the main reason I usually arrive at Zouk after midnight). As there was a private function going on, public entry to Zouk and Velvet was only after 10.45 pm, whereupon we waited with bated breath for Midnight Madness (11 pm to 12 mn, one-for-one drinks, cash or card only) to come. Between the four of us, we split two pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea, which resulted in my falling asleep on the Velvet dance floor. Really. (A friend says that means I'm too tired. Probably true.)

We went to the main room close to 2 am and to my delight, Felix da Housecat was dropping some truly awesome electro remixes of Blur - Girls and Boys, Blur - Song 2, Underworld - Born Slippy and New Order - Blue Monday. He also played one of the tunes he did with Miss Kittin. It really felt as if we were back in London again, not that we were in a London club, but that last night, I was hearing all the British music I love (indie, alternative, New Wave) in a club alive with people truly enjoying themselves and just going mad. In fact, I went madder than I usually do, dancing with all the girls and the guys. It was freakin' awesome.

I left rather reluctantly but I knew I'd pay for it dearly if I didn't get any sleep seeing as my parents were leaving for London on Sunday.

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