Monday, January 31, 2005

In the midst of all my fuming about the great injustice done to me, my work ethic has slipped somewhat. Meanwhile, my spending ways have continued unabated. Today, I finally got around to purchasing tickets for Lady Salsa, a show which I'm quite looking forward to despite the fact that our seats are located along the side aisle. After that, because I left the office on time, I decided to go to Far East Plaza and see if I could find a top from Mazzario featured on this page(it's the uppermost picture) as not only was it nice but it was also affordable at only S$25. Alas, it was sold out, and instead, I found myself at Sunny Ang, trying on a dress which, after a 30% discount, cost S$244 (yes, ten times the price of the top I was initially looking for). As it's a tube dress, something which I don't yet have, it is a tempting buy, especially given that the discount is over S$100. But, unfortunately, the sale ends either tomorrow or Wednesday (or may have ended today seeing as it's the end of January), and given my current state of poverty (damn you again, you f***** of a boss!) and my current state of mind, I don't know if I should be spending that much for a designer dress.

In any case, the spending will continue once the tickets for Norah Jones's concert go on sale. I'm also considering the various performances of the Mosaic Music Festival in March.

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