Sunday, January 30, 2005

Okay, I'm over most of my anger now. The challenge, as always, is to keep the momentum of what the still sucky decision of my boss has spurred me to do. I've already dropped a line to a few friends in the industry to suss out potential job openings and am currently trying my hardest to update a CV which hasn't been touched since I graduated from university. While I concede that I had planned on moving on from my current position, I hadn't planned on doing so this early.

As such, I'm a little concerned as to what this will mean for my goals for this year. For instance, both the CFA and the FRM require me to have the relevant years of work experience before I will be permitted to utilise either qualification on my CV, name card, etc. For another, I had planned on using the anticipated bonus on paying for driving lessons which are not cheap. I guess this means I'll have to wait a few more months... or keep on being as stingy as I've been for the last few months!

As it stands, I'm debating between going for a Master's (in what, I've yet to figure out... which is why I had planned on doing my Master's next year), getting a new job in Singapore or getting a new job in London. While all of these paths are not going to be easy, nevertheless, taking a leaf out of Scott Adams' notebook:

  • I, Little Miss Random*, will get a good job in either London or New York.
  • I, Little Miss Random*, will get a Masters from a good university before the age of 30.

* Well, obviously, substitute my real name here, but give a girl some privacy! :)

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