Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Happy International Women's Day.

Women are women, men are men
Jaime Ee
The Business Times
8 March 2005

[T]here are men today who don't subjugate women or stone them to death, but who'll still not go out with a woman who's smarter, earns more and, well, wears the pants better than them. And there are women who claw their way up the corporate ladder only to find it's pretty lonely up there - because men are intimidated by them and other women think they're bitches. Which may not necessarily be wrong, either.

So where does that leave independent, go-getting women? Twirling their Hermes scarves around their fingers while they watch similarly successful, go-getting men go out with their personal assistants and live happily ever after - while they go home to a neutered cat?

Where's the equality, you might ask. Where's the justice of it all? And, more importantly, what does it say for the evolution of women?

The reality is, women are screwed up and so are men. That's what makes life so interesting, albeit painful. Celebrate International Women's Day if you see the relevance, but ultimately it all boils down to one thing: things change, but some things stay the same. Women are women, men are men, and never the twain shall meet. At best, we'll be able to tolerate each other. But when we finally understand and get along, that's when we'll have peace on earth. And a real reason to celebrate.

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