Sunday, March 27, 2005

My dad bought my mum (and by extension, I) dinner at Bacco tonight. It was the most expensive dinner the three of us have had in a very long time, costing over S$200 for two appetizers, three main courses, one dessert, three glasses of wine and umpteen glasses of beer. But still, my dad felt it was money well-spent. The ambience was great, the service equally good (I do love knowledgeable waiters) and the Italian food was not too bad. We had initially decided to go there because a wine merchant who my parents had purchased wine from last year had informed them that he supplied wine to the restaurant, and hence the wine quality should've been quite good. And indeed it was. I had a nice glass of German Riesling (2003) from Dr. Burklin-Wolf, the largest winery in Germany (which turned out to have been supplied by Taste Fine Wine Merchants).

On Saturday, I had dinner with some friends at Cafe de Amigo (also known as Amigo the Bistro) at Specialists' Centre. It has quite possibly the friendlist owner in town - Tommy Lam, self-styled Wine MBA. He kept my friends and I entertained throughout with his eccentric comments, apologising to me about how they don't practise the "ladies first" policy in the restaurant, telling us how he felt his accounting exam three times while in college (after seeing my job title) and so on and so forth. The food was generally okay but there were two outstanding dishes: the deep-fried camembert appetizer (S$12.50) and the Normandy apple pie (S$7.50). And in spite of the availability of good wine in the shop (from Australia, Tommy apologised for not having any French wines that day), we didn't take any, instead opting for lemon tea.

I'm still waiting to try a glass of Pinot Noir though. Sideways has really gotten to me. And to other people as well, by the looks of it.

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