Sunday, April 10, 2005

This weekend has been a most eventful weekend. Completely unexpectedly eventful, but, thankfully, all in a good way.
  1. I snogged an old friend while drunk, but it's all good.
  2. I asked a guy for his number in front of all of his friends. And I got it too.
1. I snogged an old friend while drunk, but it's all good (review of clubbing night included).

Yesterday night was the first night of clubbing I've gone for in over a month now, and it was a worthy enough act to bring me out of hibernation: Gabriel & Dresden - one of the hottest producers around, most notably for their trance productions, Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes and Andain - Beautiful Things. Needless to say though, these tracks have been terribly overplayed, and even though I'll still jump and scream when I hear them, I'd still prefer something else.

I did what is rapidly becoming a usual clubbing tradition. I dropped by my friend's place to chat and possibly load up on drinks before heading over to Zouk. When I got there, a rather disturbing movie, Kids, was on, which showcased 24 hours in the lives of inner city kids in the US. Watching a bunch of 13 to 16 year-old kids discussing their very active and unsafe sex lives, randomly beat up other people, swapping partners and even indulging in rape... it was messed up, to say the least.

Before leaving for Zouk, I had taken a can of Tiger beer and two (or more) shots of Havana Club Rum neat, which accounted for my arriving at Zouk incredibly buzzed. The music wasn't too bad, with the first song to rock me that night being a different mix of Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun, which was awesome. After that, I went to say hi to some trance friends before heading upstairs to Members to pay my respects to some clubbing friends. I must've been very high because I started talking to people who I'd seen but didn't know, which is very unusual for me because I'm really rather shy.

In any case, Beautiful Things came on and after that, I went back down to dance. An old friend came on over, we shared some more drinks (because I felt I was getting too sober, believe it or not), we started dancing together, first with me facing away from him, then with us face-to-face. One thing led to another, and pretty soon, his hand guided my lips to his and we were snogging. Thing is, I'm not attracted to this friend and neither is he attracted to me even though we're very good friends. For some reason, we just don't have chemistry. But still, in spite of this, we were snogging. Not once but several times. It's not as if I was so drunk that I wasn't in control at all, just that... when under the influence, I do have a little control, just that a completely different person is in control, and not the person I am when sober. The truth is, this friend of mine is a fantastic guy. He comes and picks me up when I'm drunk, he listens to my tales of woe involving work and/or other guys, and he's just really easy to talk to. And when I was in his arms last night, I felt safe and protected, as well as wanted, which is perhaps not the noblest of reasons to explain why I didn't stop myself, but is still a critical factor.

And when the morning came, I was trying to figure out what to do about this situation. I had faith in our friendship, in that nothing harmful would happen and that we'd still be good friends, but I was still nervous about what had occurred. And apparently, so was he. We spoke on the phone a few hours ago, and as I mentioned above, it's all good. We've decided to return to what we were before last night, admitting that neither one of us is actually all that attracted to the other, although we also admitted that we quite enjoyed last night. He apologised initially, because as he said, he was the more sober one and should have controlled it better, but I said, "What happened last night... I had fun. And I'm not sorry. I don't want things to go any further, but I'm not sorry it happened." I'm rather relieved that our relationship is still intact because he's a great friend, and I'd hate to lose him.

On a nice note, he said that I was unusually hot last night and that my hair smelt great. Heh. It's always nice when someone tells you something like that.

2. I asked a guy for his number in front of all of his friends. And I got it too.

I went to km8 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa today and it was fantastic. The weather was great and it was an awesome place to kill a couple of hours. In fact, I think I could spend the whole entire day there just soaking in the sun, chilling and people-watching. And today's people... were gorgeous. I definitely spotted some model-types, including a Seth Cohen-lookalike, as well as a poser guy who just kept looking as if he was well... posing whatever he was doing. And then there was this very hot, boyishly-cute guy who I couldn't take my eyes off since he walked in. I kept trying to figure out if he was gay because he was with this other guy the whole time, but he gave out these vibes which just screamed, "I'm straight!" I tried to get my friend's boyfriend to get me his phone number, but he refused, so I ended up walking all the way up to him after he left the bar, interrupted a conversation he was having with a group of friends and just said, "Excuse me, I think you're very cute and I'd like to get your number," after calling a friend for moral support. And he said, "You're very direct, I like that," after which I blushed and said, "Well, I don't do this very often," and he replied, "I should hope not!"

Anyway, it turns out he lives very near to me, and hopefully, regardless of whether anything happens between us, I'd have made a nice friend.

As I was commemorating the life of the Pope in my own way, I hope God's not too mad at him given everything that happened.

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