Saturday, April 30, 2005

Today has been an obscenely hot day. I have been sweating buckets. During the ten minute walk from my home to the bus-stop, I almost used up one whole entire packet of tissue just mopping the sweat from my face and neck. Even during the air-conditioned bus ride, I was dripping. That is how hot it was today. (According to Yahoo! Weather, the temperature's currently at 29 degrees Celsius but feels like 35. Oy vey.)

Anyway, today marks a start of a new era in the many hairstyles that I have ever sported. I have undergone the following: a haircut, partial perm, highlights and colour (the first courtesy of Raymond and the last three thanks to Roy, both senior stylists at Monsoon Hair House in Parco Bugis Junction). I would usually not subject my hair - and wallet - to so many treatments but the hair salon was having its 11th anniversary promotion which meant that the hair cut was at a 39% discount, while all hair treatments were at a 49% discount, bringing the still-scary bill up to S$220+.

To say that I look rather different (from the below shoulder-length, incredibly black-haired girl that I was) is an understatement to say the least. Still, despite the fact that I look like a K-Pop star, and that I may have to attend at least one job interview over the next few weeks, I'm happy because I look fresher and funkier. Seriousness and sobriety be damned!

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