Thursday, May 19, 2005

In an attempt to be more Singaporean (truth be told, I was inspired after reading a blog entry in response to this blog entry which in turn was a response to this entry), here's a transcript of my e-mail conversation with a friend about Star Wars and meeting up:

He: Went to watch Ep 3 yesterday. Wah lau. I nearly laughed when Luke and Leia were born.
Me: Hey, shouldn't we have met up quite some time ago?
Me: (after not receiving a reply for the whole day) Do'wan to meet up, then just say lah. I won't get offended. Lim bu ka li kong, hor, honesty, ah, is the best policy. So how? Can I pass for an ah lian yet?
He: Wah lau, busy lah. You think you are the only one with work, is it?

The funny thing is... neither one of us speaks like this at all in real life.

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