Monday, May 02, 2005

In spite of still not feeling my best, I went ahead to Zouk to catch Steve Lawler and Roger Sanchez, including a half-hour live set by Roger Sanchez's live band. As I was on some really strong medication, I uncharacteristically opted not to drink any alcohol that night, and surprisingly ended up having a very enjoyable time, comparable to other great nights I've had in Singapore.

Lawler was on first for a two-hour set and he spun some fantastically good dirty, tribal, electro house - the kind of music that really makes you want to get down and grooooooooove to your heart's content. He ended off his set with a Thirst exclusive - the Steve Lawler remix of Donna Summer's I Feel Love, which had no vocals whatsoever in it, but was nevertheless enjoyable.

Sanchez was up next, and he kicked it off with his live set. His band was nicely interactive and full of energy, which was good, because I had voiced my doubts to a fellow club-goer that I didn't think live sets were good for house DJs (or basically any DJs who weren't Basement Jaxx). There was a very funny interlude where Sanchez and the female lead singer, Lisa Pure, ended up having a conversation with each other on their mobile phones, and another nice song probably called "Here We Go Again" with a catchy chorus I couldn't help but dance along to which went, "Up / Down / Turn Around / Here We Go Again / We Go Left / Right / Do It All Night / Here We Go Again".

Two tunes into his DJ set, however, it was obvious that his set wasn't going to come close to Lawler's for the time being, so my friend and I went off to get drinks and adjourned outside for about an hour to cool our aching feet. We went back in at around 3.30 am and Sanchez was really rocking the house this time, playing some really sexy house, ending off his set with Lil' Louie Vega's French Kiss, a tune which always gets me in the mood if you get what I mean; I was happily screaming my lungs out when the song peaked.

"Do you want one more?" Sanchez asked. "Hell, yeah" was the response he received. "S***, I don't even have to ask twice." And he dropped Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These much to the delight of the still-hungry crowd, followed by a house favourite which starts off with some piano playing but which I don't know the title of, and then came back for a second encore with a song "specially for the ladies in the house" which sounded very familiar but which I couldn't place. Possibly it's a song by Riva (chorus has something about "higher" in it, and sounded a bit trance-y).

But still, we weren't about to leave, and though Sanchez proclaimed that he was finished for the night, still we waited and screamed our desire for more. And then, to my immense surprise, the Prince of Darkness, Steve Lawler, came back on for more. And boy, did he give it to us. His encore lasted for one whole hour and by the time he finished with us, my feet were aching. But when he dropped his last tune for the night, Donna Summer - I Feel Love (this time with vocals), I somehow found the strength to continue dancing like the mad woman I was.

Simply brilliant. And guess what? I've had around 6.5 hours of sleep and I feel absolutely fantastic.

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