Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I've beInterview between Gregory T. Angela (GTA) of Metro Mix Radio and Steve Lawler (SL):

GTA: Do you see the dance floor as a place for that kind of madcap debauchery in addition to the “utopian community” that everyone envisions?
SL: 100 percent! Yeah, 100 percent! That’s the — I think — you know — let’s look back; let’s get really deep into this and look back at like hundreds of years.

GTA: Alright.
SL: Dance was seen as a form of sexual expression.

GTA: Yeah.
SL: And so for me, the dance floor is supposed to be a sexy place. It’s supposed to be somewhere you can just let yourself go and just really flaunt it out, flirt it out, you know? Sleaze it out, filth it out, dirt it out, whatever! Just get down! Just get down and enjoy—you know, everybody loves to flirt, right? It’s a great feeling to flirt or to be flirted with, and dancing is a pure form of flirting, so if I can provide an audio soundtrack to that which is very sexy and sleazy and funky and, you know, just there and just solid and chunky and dirty—I mean, that’s really what I’m about, and today about music, a bit more than I was perhaps a year or two ago where I was really taken in by the darker side of house music. And I still have that element in my music now, but what is really, really important for me — as you just rightfully said — is to get the dance floor sexy and to get it filthed up. “Let’s have a party,” that kind of thing.

Right on, Steve.

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