Monday, May 23, 2005

Marco V was fantastic. His set was very hard, even harder than the last time he came... and just the way I like it. I arrived later than I usually do, only getting to Zouk at around 1 am, with a very kind friend signing me in, thereby sparing me having to fork out S$23 for the entry, seeing as I wasn't intending to buy any drinks that night. I hadn't expected my friend to be there, as the music was going to be too hard for him. But still, he said he wanted to see me (!) and so he came. I'm not sure if the pink Punkyfish cargo trousers and thai silk top I was wearing had anything to do with it, though. Anyway, after getting in, I spent an hour and a half upstairs at Members with some hardcore trance and drinking friends including CO, who only ever turns up at trance nights, and who ended up buying a round of lychee martinis for the group on my behalf.

I'll digress for a second here. I was supposed to pay for the martinis - and I agreed - but CO intervened and gave the waiter his credit card instead. He's a really nice guy and I marvel at how I've managed to get over him and the heartache and now, we're good friends. I'm still not going to learn dancing with him though. Dancing with someone can be a rather intimate affair for me, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to go down that path just yet... even if I have been bemoaning the lack of a dance partner for ages!

Back to the main topic. At 2.30, after finishing my martini, I skipped downstairs to the dance floor and did my customary incredible club dancing. As the music was very hard, I was quite tired by 4 am, but being the Energizer Bunny of clubbing that I am, I continued bouncing up and down all over the floor until Marco V ended his encore at 6 am. Among the tracks he dropped were Marco V - Automanual, Marco V vs. Bates - Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang, Plastic Boy - Silver Bath, Prodigy - Out of Space, Chemical Brothers - Galvanise and of course, Coldplay - Clocks (Marco V Bootleg Remix). The last track got me going absolutely mental. I recognised it very early on as in spite of the volume of the bass and distortion surrounding the vocals, I recognised Chris Martin's vocals instantly and started jumping around the floor even before the beat kicked in, going to all my friends nearby, "It's Clocks! He's playing Coldplay!!" and proceeded to bounce/jump/dance even more crazily for the entire duration of the song.

At the end of the night, I staggered out of the club, only to find CO waiting for me as he wanted to give me a lift home. It was very sweet of him, even if he does do that in his own beng way ("Oi! Want lift or not?"). Heh. I got home just as my dad was preparing to go to work (!), and collapsed into bed.

A good night indeed.

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