Thursday, June 09, 2005

I brought my mentor out for lunch yesterday to Restaurant Ember at Hotel 1929, a designer hotel located at Keong Saik St (PG link) and which has been featured in the Washington Post. Ember has received some pretty rave reviews from newspapers and friends alike, so it seemed like a good place to bring my epicure of a mentor.

She ordered the baked cod which turned out fantastic, with just a hint of sweetness, and I ordered their most highly recommended main course, the lamb shank, which was incredibly tender and just fell off the bone. The sauce was a little overwhelming after a while, but still, the lamb was well worth it.

But man, oh, man, nothing could beat the desserts. Much to my disappointment, the frozen banana was unavailable on account of the banana "not [being] frozen but mashed because something happened to the freezer" so we settled for tiramisu (with brandied cherries, my favourite), apple strudel and lavender honey (I love apple strudel/pie/tart/anything), banana tart (made up for the lack of the frozen banana) and the wonderfully rich Valrhona chocolate cake.

After savouring the spectacular desserts, my mentor convinced management to let us go up and see the rooms, which turned out to be nicely designed for a room that age (the building was built in 1929 after all) but incredibly small, much like the size of my London student hall room. The suites were cute, with outdoor bathtubs. One suite was located at the side of the building where no one from outside could see the bathtub while the other... was located in full view of a block of HDB flats.

Oh dear.

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