Monday, June 06, 2005

I took an Exotic Dance workshop over the weekend, and man, do I ache. The front of my thighs ache, my shoulder ache, and my abs burn. But it was good and now, I'm struggling to find time in my schedule to fit in a proper class. It wasn't as intimidating as I feared it would be, and the two instructors who came to my rescue after having learnt I hadn't been to a single Exotic class before were incredibly friendly.

Right after the workshop, I had to drag myself to Wala Wala to meet a friend. The opening conversation went something like this:
He: So what dance were you were learning?
Me: You really want to know?
He: Oh no, it's hip hop! (he's a big hip hop hater.)
Me: No. Exotic dance.
He: Oooh. Did you need a pole?
Me: Nope. You don't need anything. But... chair also can. Lap preferable.
He: Mmmmmm.

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