Friday, June 24, 2005

You always hear stories about ignorant Americans, but seriously, sometimes you've got to experience it first-hand to believe it.

I spent a summer in the US working when I was still in uni. My colleagues asked me where I studied. I replied “London” and got the response, “You mean ‘London, Canada'?” And people always seem think Singapore's part of the People's Republic of China.

After a month there, I realised just how bad it was. I’ve met incredibly ignorant Americans who thought Wales was the capital of England… and they were political science majors from an Ivy League university too!

But the worst question I’ve ever been asked by an American? After learning I was from Singapore, a colleague asked me, “So did you work on the assembly lines when you were in China?”

I was sorely tempted to reply, “Yes, in fact, I recognise my handiwork on the shirt you’re wearing now.”

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