Monday, July 04, 2005

While browsing through the weekend edition of The Business Times and finding out that there really are such things as good British restaurants, I discovered a restaurant and bar review site - Square Meal. I wandered throughout the site, wondering if I could possibly have been to any of the so-called best restaurants before, as eating out in London is horribly expensive, and found that my dear brother had taken my mother and I to Cafe Japan, one of the best Japanese restaurants in London, just last year.

CafĂ© Japan is a sushi & sashimi specialist – & a damn fine one
at that: if the fish were any fresher it would slap you. Portions are large
& prices are reasonable for the likes of fatty tuna, marinated mackerel
& seabass sushi, creative hand rolls &, we mention it every
year, black cod with miso for just £12.

We arrived the day before the owners/chefs were closing to go back to Japan for the summer. The food was divine, especially given the amazingly affordable prices, and service was fantastic. I recall the staff greeting and bidding farewell to everyone with cheerful shouts in English and I was sorely tempted to yell back, "You're welcome!!!" and slam the door to match them in volume.

Who knows? Maybe if I had, I would have gotten my long-sought-after job in London so much earlier.

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