Sunday, October 02, 2005

I attended two friends' weddings (or rather, one post-ROM party and one wedding) this weekend.

For the first, I've noted how amazingly happy my friends (yes, the rare case where I know both members of the couple equally well) have been ever since I got to know them about a year ago, and I'm incredibly happy (not to mention very surprised given that I'm from the school that produces unmarriageable girls, hence we don't tend to marry all that young) that those two have taken the plunge.

Being the unusual couple that they are, their post-ROM party was held at Victor's Superbowl, with copious amounts of drinks and a fair amount of karaoke present. It's possibly the only such party I'll go to where the owner of the cafe kicks off the karaoke by dedicating Lobo - How Can I Tell Her (a song about a man cheating on his other half and also a song I despise because of its wimpy chorus) to the happy couple. And if that wasn't inappropriate enough, the owner followed it up with the next song, Rod Stewart - I Don't Want To Talk About It. It's also one which I was coerced into singing, and while I did it well (how could I not? I'd been listening to the Everything But the Girl cover for the last few days.), it also triggered off a mini-post-break-up-funk especially since the now ex arrived shortly before the song began. But he and I will be okay (I hope). We haven't told our friends about it just yet though, because, as the song goes, I don't want to talk about it.

And in another aside, the only person I've told this to in person is, strangely enough, a guy formerly known as "my perfect guy", who just so happened to call me up to ask me out the day after T. and I broke up. He still makes me laugh, and in a touching little moment (no, don't worry, I'm so not going into a rebound relationship - this guy's burnt me enough), told me he hadn't seen me happy in a while, and to call him if I need anything. I've now got a total of three guys who've asked me to call them if I need anything this week - all friends though. This is really giving additional weight to my theory that I make a great friend, and not a good girlfriend.

Anyway, on to to second wedding. When I saw all the preparation that had gone into my friend's wedding reception, I remarked, "with all this hassle, it really makes you think, why do people want to get married?" Don't get me wrong. I am a cynic, yes, but I do want to get married some day (whether I actually get married is a whole 'nother ballgame)... But seeing how elaborate everything was and how many people were there (how on earth do people find so many people to invite? I think were I to get married here and now, I'd only have enough guests for four tables!), the amount of planning involved just freaked me out.

However, witnessing my friend reading her wedding vows in a voice trembling with happiness and tears answered all of my questions .

So, here's to you, K. and P., V. and J. Congratulations!

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